Thursday, August 11, 2011

Every Day Beauty ...

While {and in between} working on my mothers property, and ours ...  I took photos that caught my interest, captured my inner curiosity, and stood back and caught some of the prettiest colors in the sky.  I thought I would share them with you today. 

I hope you enjoy them ...

Why throw away that old BBQ grill?  This worked out perfect as a planter.

Hold on to the Pineapple top, and plant it.  My sweety said it will root and produce fruit.. Well, why not?

This it the ramp at the front of my mothers house.  My brother Mark build it out of  the brick roadways form Ybor City . 

This was in the front yard of the property.  I was hoping not to run into the spider when I snapped this picture.

I was inspired to make a hanging light out of this old spot light.. and that is just what I am going to do.

The minute I step onto the property, I am greeted by this dragonfly.  It follows me around, and lands next to me no matter where I sit.

The knocking of one woodpecker is loud, but two of them together is the prettiest music I have ever heard.  Aren't they big ?

 The wing span if this Hawk is intimidating enough, but when the Hawk let me get close enough to capture this photo.. I couldn't stop shaking !!  The claws alone had my knees knocking. 

The strange streak across the sky about 3/4 days ago ....

I can not get enough of the colors during a sunset ...

There are times in the evening, just as the sun is going down, that the clouds turn this pretty pink color and the sky seems to glow a light purple.

Just before the storm, the rumble of thunder was felt under our feet.  As the clouds rolled in, a hint of red was captured in the trees.

I hear thunder in the back ground as I type.  I am going to try and capture pictures of the rain as it soaks the ground.  Hope you have enjoyed our time together and the pictures of Florida's beauty. 

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