Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Backyard Treasure...

Know when you are driving or visiting some place during the daylight hours and everything around you is perfect,  but then you find yourself in the same location at night.. suddenly your surroundings don't appear to be the same.  The thought comes to mind that maybe you're lost, took a wrong turn, or flat out ended up in Tin-Buck-Too. 

I am intimidated by my surroundings at night, especially if I am not familiar with the area, and more so if  seeing the area for the first time.  Pretty sure I am not the only person who feels like that though.  The other night, my sweety took me into the back yard of the property.  And I don't mean a tour via pictures, I am talking a nature walk through King Kong's front door.  It just so happens that it was twilight when the walk started, and before either of us knew it, the light in the sky; escaped us.  Now, Paul knew where he was going, could have walked the back yard blindfolded I am sure.  I on the other hand {who's middle name is "chicken"} have an overactive imagination, that tends to operate in super high gear, during OCD uncontrollable moments.    Which happens to be anytime I panic over not having direct control over any given situation; for example: driving in a very heavy down pour rain and visibility is almost zero ~ only I am in the passenger seat, or being in the woods in the dark ~ and not knowing a way out or seeing clearly the protector in the relationship.

Before it became to dark, I captured some photos that later when I was reviewing them; fell in love with what I saw .....

It reminded me of a lost city.  Weathered, forgotten, aged, and still standing.  The beauty of the structure, even in this state, had my wheels turning.  Each photo captured me, drug me deeper into my imagination, into the possibilities.  

I don't know what the purpose of the structure was, and do not care.  All I could see, was what I was going to do with the space, how to utilize the wall, and keep the charm and beauty of this area alive with inviting mystery. 

When I first started taking pictures, of the stone wall, it was to capture the beauty of it, then as it became darker; there was no rime or reason to where or what I captured.  My mind began to run wild.  My breathing became heavy.  The visions became crystal clear ...

The vines came alive and wrapped themselves around my legs and drug me deeper into the dark woods.  Where no one would ever find me.

Glowing eyes peaked out from every possible angle, and seen me as a hunk of flanked steak.  I would be eaten, right there on the property.  In the back yard.  Lost.  Gone forever. 
Lucky for me, my sweety was only a few steps ahead... or should I said lucky for him?   Good thing I made it out of there alive, huh?
Once we were in the Bronco, my mind became clearer, more relaxed {cause I was safe now} and I started to see the back yard ... the way it will be.   Within the wall area, is a above ground fire pit, a round one.  There is a wooden trellis bench with lattice sides and red rose bushes blooming and intertwining to the top. of the trellis.  Flower pots are carefully placed around the top of the wall.  Birds are playing the in bird bath just off in the distance, and a slate rock walkway invites visitors to a cozy gazebo.  

I could not wait to tell my sweety the wonderful things I have planned for the backyard.   At least I no longer wish to just bulldoze everything in the backyard down.  There was hope for the space after all.  Through the worry and panic of becoming the next "jungle woman" lost forever in the backyard, eaten, or left hanging by the vines ... I am very happy and excited to have seen the area in person.   Actually, can not wait to see it during the day light hours.    

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