Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Walk down School Day Lane...

I will never forget when my children started school.  My eldest daughter climbed on the bus, and I followed it all the way to the school parking lot, crying my eyes out.  My son's first day was filled with tears as well, except we were crying together.. me more vocal than him.  My youngest daughter went with the flow, like it was no big deal which crushed me; so I waited outside the classroom door just in case she decided she needed me.  She didn't and I found myself driving home crying once more.

This time around is different, my children are all grown and, now I watch my grandchildren attend their first day of school through photos. 

It is heartbreaking.

For me that is.

This is my grandson Garrett, the taller one that is.  Garrett started the sixth grade this year.  I could not be more proud of being a Nana as I am looking at this picture.  Eli, the shorter one, is Garretts younger brother.  Eli isn't starting any type of school yet, but he didn't want to be left out of the photo.

This is Jayla, the taller one, and Arianna.  They both are ready for their first day.  Jayla is now in the first grade.  Look at that smile! Could she be anymore proud of herself?  Upon entering her class room, from what my daughter said, Jayla was shy and a little unsure of herself.  But there were no tears.  Arianna started Headstart this year, and she was all too happy to walk into her new school.  Not a single tear formed in her eye.  In fact, my daughter said "I want to pinch her and make her cry, so I could hold and comfort her". 

Hardest part about being a parent, is seeing when your children let go.

This is Jaycee.  She is currently my youngest grandbaby.  Now she isn't starting school yet,  Thank you Jesus, but she is sitting up by herself, and pulling herself up on things, and even starting to feed herself.  She is growing too fast.  Just like my other grandchildren.

This year, I am going to ask Santa, to put my family under my Christmas Tree.  To have all my children, son and daughter in law, and grand children under one roof.  The thought of listening to them all parenting their children, laughing at memories, sharing ideas... Warms my heart.

Have a wonderful week everyone..

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