Sunday, August 26, 2012

A New Physician...

Last week I broke down and found a physician office here in florida.  I had been getting my refills from my Texas physician.  I hate change.  But last week, I ran out of my blood pressure medication and dind't have anymore refills.  I hate when my medication gets to that point, because I know a visit to my Dr is in order; and I hate bad news.  I count on it, emotionally prepare myself for it; and drive myself {and everyone else} worrying about what may or may not be. 

Being in Florida, I couldn't very well make an appointment to see my physician in Texas.  So I sought out a female physician close to my house.  I hit the jackpot.  She made me feel more like a friend, than a patient.  The visit didn't have the cold off limits feeling to it, she was down to earth and gave me more information that any other physician I have ever seen. 

Here is what I learned from the EKG I had during my visit...

The peeks going upward, is the top number of my blood pressure.  The peeks goig downward, are the bottom number of my blood pressure.  The small peeks in between each upward and downward peek, is my pluse. 

Following me so far?

At the time of my EKG my pulse was 93, while relaxing and laying down.  The physician said that with the medication I am currently taking; both my pluse rate and blood pressure should have been under control years ago.  Haven't heard that before.  Right?

But Of course, it's not.

I really loved the physician.  So taking her health points and suggestions was easy.  What wasn't so easy, is when she told me I was headed for a stroke.  Not that I haven't heard those words quite often this year, but I really thought I was doing better with keeping myself stress free and watching what I ate.  Just seems like I am fighting an up hill battle, and there isn't an end to it.

So, I am now on another brand of blood pressure medication, twice the dose of what I was on.   I am keeping tabs on my pluse rate, because a racing heart at rest is an accident waiting to happen, and there is lab work to schedule.  As you can see, I have had a full plate, but I am working on scraping that plate clean.

Let me tell you this.  Nothing should be more important than your own health.  Start now.  Take care of you, before you find yourself trying to turn the health clock backward. 

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