Sunday, September 18, 2011

Falling Satellite ...

"Well folks, Chicken Little was right.  The sky is falling"

 Those were the words I heard  this morning while getting ready for work.  It caught my attention.  Anyone who saw the cute cartoon or read the book, knows that everyone involved in the story Chicken Little , thought he was crazy.  So, naturally, I thought the News Anchor had lost it.    As I turned to face the television and really listen to what he was saying,  the first thing that entered my mind was:

"What goes up,  must come down". ~ Sir Issac Newton

Key words were spoken.  Peaked vocal sounds raised my eyebrows.  Within minutes I was searching the world wide web.  Looking for answers to questions that had not come yet.  Checking to see if what I had actually heard, was correct.  Needing confirmation of some kind.

 "A satellite the size of a bus is falling toward earth"  kept playing in my head, like a reel to reel player.  A broken record.  "It was expected {better known as guesstimate}to enter the earths atmosphere on the 24th {of September}, but has seem to picked up speed and looks to make impact on the 23rd {of September}"  I could not take my eyes off of the anchorman as he spoke. 

I was attempting to put my hair up, and am pretty sure I never put my arms down.    

It was during this time that a map was displayed on the television  "Impact could be somewhere above the line in the center of this map" the man said "or below the line".  The map displayed, was a open faced globe map.  Like it was pealed off the big globe and ironed flat.  The "added" line, went through the center of the map; from left to right.  "Two hours before impact, NASA will have a location of the point of impact"  
Key words like: "Impact", "Falling", "Earth",  and it did not sit well that NASA can not pin point the point of impact.  What did sit, crooked and not well, was the link that was posted with the story.  We can watch the satellites live feed as it circles the earth {and it is circling the earth} and track where it is as the 23rd approaches.  Better then just guessing, it would give an idea to those who are following the satellite.  The site post your location, latitude and longitude, plus shows the latitude and longitude of the satellite.     

 Some where between fast moving typing fingers and disbelief, the anchorman quit speaking and something else was now top of the news.  I could not even tell you what was the next "top news" story.  I finished my hair, walked into the dining room and relayed the story to my sweety... Who so kindly said "Yeah right".  
Good thing I had all the necessary information already pulled up on the computer.  Once the pages were read, the words soaked through the membranes,  my sweety turned his head slowly toward me and said mater of factually  "Didn't I say this was going to happen?".  I could only stand in a dump founded type of mode and stare at him.

This is the link to the satellite I am talking about.  I am sure there is more information about this bus size falling object, on the world wide web.

Here is the link for the live feed of the satellite.  Pretty neat the way the satellite can be seen traveling around the world. 

 The links at the bottom of the news feed from cosmiclog, have some interesting reading also, check them out.  NASA doesn't think anyone would be hit by the "refrigerator" size satellite {as they call it} but, no one can be sure where it is going to land.  That strikes me as funny.  In all honesty, there must have been dozens or hundreds, and maybe even billions of satellites that fall from the sky yearly.  Right?  

Surely we have nothing to worry about.

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